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“Sonikscape” Dark Cinematic Atmospheres by SampleTraxx Released




sampletraxx sonikscape

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Sonikscape has been released. The collection includes 340 samples of dissonant, atonal, subliminal, disturbing soundscapes and sonic elements between music and atmospheric sound design for dark and warm scores, movie trailer, audio-video installation and more.

Sonikscape delivers evolving cinematic soundscapes, custom vocal atmospheres, textures of processed flute, organic drones and synthetic pad, vocal effects, ambient swell, dark low oscillations, rumbles, clean subsonic frequencies, bowed cymbals, whispers and horror breaths, deep space, abstract textures, psychological screech, tonal mood, dark layers, noise radio, designed vinyl noise and source material.

sampletraxx sonikscape demo walkthrough

Sonikscape is a collaboration between SampleTraxx and German sound designer Sebastian Emling who already collaborated with SampleTraxx on Cinematic Zither and Old Broken Piano.

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