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Tom Holkenborg’s SCORE Academy (Applications Now Open)




Tom Holkenborg’s SCORE Academy Applications Now Open

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Tom Holkenborg’s SCORE Academy provides a singular opportunity. Students will be embedded in Tom’s working studio, receiving a full-contact curriculum designed by Tom himself to create complete film composers. The Academy aims to raise students skill sets to the highest level in all aspects of scoring, sound design programming, music production and music technology, and film music business.

The SCORE Academy takes a deep dive into production, tackling mixing, working in surround sound, cue structure, sample, and plug-in usage, among many other technical skills. Outside the studio, the program also provides insight on navigating director/composer relationship and workflow, marketing and promotion, and the business side of Hollywood.

It is developed for top talents preparing to work at the highest international level in film scoring. Education is led by Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL) and paid for by the student. This takes place in Tom’s own high-end equipped studios in Los Angeles, where the student work on and around actual film projects.

The length of the program is one academic year, September 16th, 2019 – July 17th, 2020.

The Experience

  • Pressure cooker training at the advanced level for top talents at the top of the creative industries.
  • Learning and working directly in the studios of Tom Holkenborg.
  • An opportunity to work with the Junkie XL team.
  • Development of skills and knowledge and gaining experience directly from the best industry professionals.
  • Highly intensive and individual training. Limited students during each course cycle.
  • Network in and direct link to the top of the international film music industry.
  • Gateway to a job in the international top of the creative industries.


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