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OP1 MEGA Sounds PACK for Ableton, Maschine, Studio One, Logic EXS & waves – Starting as low as just $5





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OP1 MEGA Sounds PACK, this Swedish sound, and design marvel cake has a way of ‘fitting’, ‘sitting’ and MAKING a track, it’s unique sound will inspire and write songs with you. Seriously!  OP in a box! 5000 waves files will make 5000 songs.

Included OP1 MEGA Sounds PACK:

  • 68 programmed Key/Synth patches
  • 5 custom drum kits.
  • 5.5 GB of OP1 sounds in your favorite DAW
  • Synths recorded from C0->C6
  • Programmed in each DAW/App to sound great out of the gate.

BONUS 11 free drum kits from re-obtained un-obtainium IN wave files ~ ~ or Studio One Impact XT .soundx ~ ~

Ableton = compatible with Live Standard/Suite! Made with 9.7 SIMPLER!

OP1 MEGA Sounds PACK Ableton Live
OP1 MEGA Sounds PACK Ableton_Live

Maschine = made with Maschine 2.7 

Studio One = made with Studio One Pro 4.1, works with Sample One and Impact XT.  You can also drag and drop the Logic EXS files into Prime/Artist and Presence XT will do it’s magic. 

Logic Pro = made with Logic Pro X.22, very simple to install, check the PDF and Video. 

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