Supreme Samples a Loops and Samples developer based in London, formed of producers from all around the world released Sinister Bowed Cymbals for Kontakt. It is a completely free library as of April 2019. You can get it here.

Some BAckground: A while ago Supreme Samples needed some bowed cymbals for a project they have been working on. For the project, they recorded brand new one and added a custom Kontakt interface that allows you to manipulate the samples further and create unique and sometimes terrifying sounds.

The library is recorded at 192khz and then down sampled to 48khz. Additionally, there are two alternate pitched down versions included (-12 and -24). Both were pitched from the 192khz recording. This library will only work with the full version of Kontakt 5.7 and above. It is royalty free you can use the sounds for any commercial purpose within a track without having to pay anything extra.

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Sinister Bowed Cymbals by Supreme Sample – Kontakt Interface
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