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Stream by Sinevibes Review

Stream an FX tool is a delay effect plugin heavily based and powered by a sequencer to shape the effect. There is also no Windows and VST version available. It is for MAC and an Audio Unit plugin only, Pro Tools and Cubase DAW Users at least will not be able to use this stellar plugin. Sinevibes did send a review copy with no strings attached.

Stream a Delay Sequencer by Sinevibes used with SD038 THUNDER SHEET by HISSandaROAR


Stream a delay effect is a MAC only plugin (Requires OS X 10.6 or later running on 32 or 64 bit Intel Macs). It works with any DAW that supports Audio Unit (AU) plugins.


Stream plugin is a delay effect which controls delay sequences over 32 steps. You can apply different functions per step to produce creative results. This delay FX Plugin on steroids brings groove and excitement into the channel and tracks. The included sequencer with up to 32 steps manages each individual delay in volume, time, filter and panning. As in many FX plugins you can use modern or vintage coloring of the delay sound.

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Stream Delay Plugin features:

  • Up to 32 sequential delay taps, with global time multiply feature (1/4x to 4x).
  • Each tap has its own individual time, low-pass or high-pass filter, level and pan.
  • Delay feedback includes gradual (per tap) and stepped (per round) modes.
  • Selectable modern or vintage interpolation for two distinct sound characters.
  • Built-in LFO for time modulation, with even-odd polarity inversion and stereo phase offset.
Stream a Delay Sequencer by Sinevibes used with Voice of Wind Adey by Soundiron

User interface & Usability

The User Interface designed Sinevibes is full in line with their other products and follows the Sinevibes typically design guidance of this developer. It is a minimal and clear layout which is easy to understand. It organized to support multiple functions for individual or global tap parameter shifting and looping. For ease of use, Sinevibes used color-coded graphics with subtle animations. Of course with the current 5K and soon 6K MAC displays Stream supports fully hardware-accelerated rendering.

Stream a Delay Sequencer by Sinevibes

The Stream AU plugin is a delay effect plugin that looks like a sequencer that supports delay effects. The combination of a sequencer, effects, and delay produces magic.

Stream a Delay Sequencer and other effect plugins by Sinevibes

Rating:  Four out of five stars

 Stream helps you to produce excellent powerful rhythmic results and unique sound. All supported by an elegant user interface that assists you to be sufficient and able to experiment. The delay plugin allows near endless tweaking, supporting 32 unique delay taps. It is the ideal effect delay plugin for the sound designer, producer, and a composer to fine-tune delays and add dramatic movement.

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