From a beautiful tradition to an idiosyncratic new library: SD038 THUNDER SHEET has been released.

Stream a Delay Sequencer by Sinevibes used with SD038 THUNDER SHEET by HISSandaROAR

Recording sessions alternated between hanging the metal sheets and directly manipulating them freehand. Beautiful huge reverberant hits & rolls were captured with a range of mallets, with some of the soft mallet hits on the largest steel sheet sounding like distant explosions, while some very interesting & uniquely characterful sounds were achieved via warping, bending and inverting the tension across each sheet.


All recording involved a pair of spaced MKH8020 Omni mics (10Hz-60kHz) at 192kHz to capture the full richness of tone (and at times strange harmonics) as well as the extremities of the upper and lower frequency range.

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It is a 10GB download • 15.3GB as 131 x 24bit 192kHz stereo .WAV files with metadata & photos

Werbung / Adsonible Intelligent EQ Processing from Plugin