Soundiron did upgrade their classic Kontakt Library: Bronze Bin 3.0!

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 22 April 2019
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Soundiron’s Bronze Bin is a unique tuned and untuned metallic percussion instrument library created using commonly found objects with rather special tonal character. This bronze beauty contains 1.25 GB of amazingly complex and unique sounds, full of harmonics, overtones and even undertones.

Bronze is the most popular metal used to create top-quality musical bells and cymbals, producing soft bell-like tones to a raspy wash of colliding frequencies, making this a truly special percussion instrument. This library also comes with a large collection of sound-designed atmospheric pads and ambient textures hand-crafted directly from the source recordings.

After purchase (there is an upgrade path) you can download Bronze Bin 3.0 through the help of the Soundiron installer.

For version 3.0 Soundiron added a whole new source instrument, the Chrome Can! With mallets and sticks, Soundiron sampled a variety of articulations, such as mallet side, stick rim, mallet bottom, and more! These new articulations make the Chrome Can the perfect companion to the Bronze Bin. As usual, Soundiron added even more new ambiances from the new source content.

This upgrade contains a fully-customizable user interface, modular FX rack, and 30 custom sound-design fx and ambient presets forged from the source material, perfect for your next film/video game score or musical project

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