Triple Spiral Audio released GH’NUHAN. The instruments in Gh’nuhan take you on an ethnic and tribal journey through a collection of “imaginary” instruments, pad and textures. The instruments and sounds in Gh’nuhan are created from a collection of recordings of woodwinds, snare and strings, mallets and all kinds of percussive instruments that are processed through various effects and processes to create new sounds. The library contains 40 instruments in the categories Short, Sustain and Percussive and 20 Pads and Textures. Furthermore, there are 15 multis created from the various instruments in the library.


Requires the full version of Kontakt (5.8.1 or higher) – does NOT work with Kontakt Player

Installation is done via the PULSE downloader app, I am downloading it right now.

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Installing GH’NUHAN with Pulse tool

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