GREY. A free Reaktor Rompler

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 14 May 2019
  • Time to read: 1 min.

GREY is a sample player loaded with 101 synth samples from an iconic 90s synth all ready to deliver a range of essential retro sounds from big pads to LOFI oscillating washes, all via fat basses and hot leads. GREY is monophonic and requires the FULL VERSION of Reaktor 6 version 6.3.0 (R26). If you get “Not a valid Reaktor File” error message please update your Reaktor 6 to Reaktor 6.3.0 (R26) using your Native Access and ensure you open the new version.

The sample selector has Sample Choice, Volume, Pitch, Random (select), Start-point and Warp(ed Vinyl). As well as the obvious envelope controls there is a Vinyl FX option which delivers a genuinely random crackle effect created by a Geiger unit. Next is the 8 Pole Filter with five variables capable of creating a rich tonal range. Watch out for the Wobble dial too. Then come Reverb and Echo (delay), followed by a Compressor. Each of these three FX has a lot of tweaking available. Last is the LFO section which dials up Rate, Phase, Shape, Sync and Key (note-on trigger).

GREY. A free Reaktor Rompler Controls

The best thing about the LFO, and the key to the overall sound of GREY is the routing options. You have:LFO to Key Velocity, to 8 Pole Filter Balance, to Reverb Size and to Echo Time.

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