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MicroFreak Firmware V 1.1.2 released




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The MicroFreak new firmware release adds new features and improvements

With Version V 1.1.2 Arturia further enhances the MicroFreak Synthesizer we reviewed recently, see also our MicroFreak an Extraordinary Experimental Hybrid Freak Hardware Synthesizer by Arturia Review. You can download the update here.

MicroFreak Firmware V 1.1.2 Update in progress
MicroFreak Firmware V 1.1.2

New Firmware V 1.1.2 Features

  • Spice / Dice improvement: Now affects the envelope decay, release and matrix pressure value.
  • Added program change support
  • Local control and external CC handling improvement
  • Real-time recording now enabled when starting the sequencer from the step-recording mode
  • Matrix amount reset now set to 0.5 seconds instead of 1 second

Bug fixes part of V 1.1.2

  • Potentiometers stability improvement
  • MIDI start/stop handling improvement
  • CPU management and Sync improvement
  • Negative automation amounts now properly handled
  • Aftertouch + arpeggiator handling improvement
  • Real-time recording improvements
  • Song position pointer sync now preserved upon preset change when slaved
  • Preset browsing improvement in panel mode
  • Automatic sync source detection improvement
  • Parameters initialization improvement on power-up
  • Sequencer improvements in USB Sync
  • Arpeggiator to sequencer pattern transfer improvement
  • Real-time automation recording improvement
  • Gate length display now accurate
  • Step-recording display now visible when utility is enabled
  • Cycling envelope timing display now accurate
  • Step-browsing display is now refreshed when cycling through Mod slots
  • Matrix assign display improvements

You need to install the Midi Control Center and connect your MicroFreak via USB to you computer, the Midi tool from Arturia guides you through the update process.

MicroFreak Firmware V 1.1.2 completed

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