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Dulciano – A Grand Piano Performed with Dulcimer Hammers by Fracture Sounds




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Fracture Sounds did release Dulciano. This individual hybrid instrument produces a comparable resonance to a dulcimer or cimbalom. Different from a dulcimer the longer strings and large soundboard of the piano give the instrument a richer tone and longer sustain. The instrument also has a much wider playable range than a standard dulcimer or cimbalom (A0 to E6).

Dulciano UI

The Dulciano was recorded in a modern concert hall scene (the same hall as many of our other libraries) and includes three configurable microphone positions between, giving a great level of flexibility for placing the instrument in your mix. The close mics are almost fully dry, offering an intimate ‘studio’ sound when soloed. The far mics have just the right amount of ambiance for a distant, spacious sound, without being drenched in reverb. The ‘perspective’ slider below the mixer allows you to easily move between a close and distant mix. Watch the walkthrough video below for a thorough demonstration of these features and more.

Dulciano features

  • Grand piano performed with dulcimer hammers.
  • 3 articulations: single notes, 1-shot rolls, and sustained rolls – intuitively controlled by velocity and the mod wheel.
  • Deep sampled – up to 12 round-robins.
  • Recorded in a beautiful concert hall setting.
  • 3 microphone positions, easily controlled with the ‘perspective’ slider.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface – familiar layout if you’ve used other Fracture Sounds instruments.
  • 5.5GB download size (NCW compressed from an 11GB sample pool).
  • Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3 or above.

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