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Oxford Limiter V3

The Oxford Limiter V3 plug-in has been developed from decades of professional audio experience to provide a very high degree of quality and capability in programme loudness control and limiting functions. By employing highly accurate logarithmic side chain processing, along with innovative adaptive timing functionality using look-ahead signal acquisition, the Limiter offers exemplary performance, whether one is seeking general transparent level control, program loudness maximisation or heavily applied artistic audio effects. Unique processing in the form of the Enhance function provides the sample value limiting needed to reliably avoid overloads in digital workstation environments, and allows unprecedented volume and punch to be applied to program beyond that available from conventional limiting functions.

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Oxford Limiter V3 by Sonnox

Oxford Limiter V3 is a true peak limiter that offers recently enhanced levels of processing and metering accuracy. The result is that you get to see and automatically correct otherwise invisible reconstruction overloads – and conform to the accepted industry ITU-R BS.1770-4 standard.

Whether you’re after the Oxford Limiter’s hallmark transparency or heavier creative effects, its advanced look-ahead processing and unique Enhance function provide the sample-value limiting and musical boost needed to reliably avoid clipping and confidently increase apparent loudness.


  • Peak limiting with attack, release & variable soft-knee
  • Enhance section to increase perceived loudness 
  • Recon meter shows actual rather than sampled signal 
  • Auto Comp fixes recon errors without losing overall loudness: conforming to the industry’s true peak measurement standard (ITU-R BS.1770-4)
  • Audition and apply TPDF dither for 24-bit and 16-bit output word lengths with four types of variable noise shaping
  • Four variable-strength noise shaping modes for use with highly dynamic program material
  • Full backward compatibility with previous Plug-In versions
  • A great library of factory presets to get you started


  • AAX Native
  • Audio Units (AU)
  • VST

Sonnox Inflator V3 Limiter

Inflator V3 Limiter is a unique and powerful Plug-In to increase loudness, without sacrificing sonic quality or dynamic range. Add power and presence to your mix without the pumping of compression, or use on individual channels to bring them forward and add weight. Perfect to help vocals cut through the mix.

When driven harder, Inflator delivers tube-like musical warmth and provides the ‘sonic glue’ you need to gel your mix together!


Vox Doubler

VoxDoubler is presented as two separate Plug-Ins that focus on the two most common vocal doubling workflows. Vocal performances lie at the very heart of a song. Doubling vocals is a really effective way of adding more contrast, drama, and presence to the story of your song. It’s therefore hard to imagine much of recorded popular music without the special quality that double-tracked vocals bring to a mix, either used over an entire track or just to help a chorus or key lyric connect with a listener.


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