Century Ensemble Brass Library by 8Dio Version 1.2 Released

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 4 June 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Version 1.2 of Century Ensemble Brass is now available. The new update now includes individual patches for each articulation to improve load times and workflow in larger projects. We have also included time machine capable dynamic arcs, as well as our latest “Chordal” Legato, which enables you to play chord-based polyphonic lines within a single patch. If you are new to this library take a look at our review: Century Brass by 8Dio Review

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8Dio Century Ensemble Brass

Century Brass Bundle character and tone are of unique, excellent sounding quality. As Century Strings also Century Brass has joined the small and selected club of the leading library. You can create tension and other emotion from century brass to drive passion in a trailer, advertising, or your next score for a movie.

8Dio Century Brass Bundle Trumpet

You can produce low-end power, use the instruments in a more supportive way or get them right in the face of the audience. Both the recording and scope of articulations is just excellent. Century Brass is one of my top 3 brass libraries.  It is a fabulous sounding orchestral brass with helpful articulations and characteristics.

Version 1.2 of Century Ensemble Brass downloading
Version 1.2 of Century Ensemble Brass – downloading

To celebrate the update 8Dio runs a flash sale for less than 48 hours. 8Dio Century Ensemble Brass is the definitive collection of ultra-realistic brass instruments. Effortless and playable beyond words, this luxury collection is infused with emotion and intention in every sound. It features a variety of section sizes, unique articulation types, custom user interface, and over 700 hours of recorded material totaling 46 GB.

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Kepler cinemascope

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