Plughugger Releases Azure for u-he Hive and an Omnisphere Freebie

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Plughugger Releases Azure for u-he Hive

Azure is a soundset with 207 new sounds for the u-he Hive synthesizer aimed for modern house / EDM pop genres, especially Progressive House, with a focus on melodic plucks, driving basslines, lush pads, massive effects and even synthesized drum hits. The soundset is divided into two parts. The first part (157 presets) was developed on Hive 1, and are to a large extent using a combination of traditional waveforms as well as the wavetables introduced with Hive 1.2. The second part is unique for Hive 2 and is a collection of 50 sounds utilizing the new wavetables that come with Hive 2.

We also added our own wavetables – but rather than just adding a handful of new timbres, we created 11 wavetables based on phrases spoken by a speech synthesizer. Azure contains 207 new sounds and 11 new wavetables.

Standard Edition – 157 sounds (compatible with Hive 1 and 2)

  • 31 Bass sounds
  • 18 Drum & Percussion sounds
  • 10 Hit / FX sounds
  • 39 Lead & Synths
  • 14 Pads & Soundscapes
  • 29 Sequences / Arpeggios
  • 16 Vocal phrases

Wavetable Remix Edition – 50 sounds (compatible with Hive 2)

  • 10 Bass sounds
  • 5 Hit / FX sounds
  • 4 Drum & Percussion sounds
  • 13 Lead & Synths
  • 8 Pads & Soundscapes
  • 10 Sequences / Arpeggios

Price: 50% off / 9.90 Euro until June 16th 2019. Use coupon code BLUE to get the discount. Ordinary price is 19.90 Euro. The soundset can be purchased here. Azure is a soundset for the u-he Hive synthesizer. This product requires a full version of Hive v1.2 or v2 to work.


Into the Ensonisphere is the first release of our new R&D Series for Omnisphere, and is an exclusive free release to all subscribers of Plughugger newsletter

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