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Soniccouture has extended The Attic. They added 8 brand new instruments to give an incredible collection of 18 individual vintage synth & keyboard instruments. Featuring Minitmoog, Logan Vocalist & Crumar DP-80, there are some really quirky rarities in there.

The Attic was first conceived as a project to sample obscure, characterful synth instruments (mostly from the 1970s) that may not always be the obvious choice when Soniccouture think of ‘classics’. – a term usually reserved for the likes of Prophet 5, Minimoog, Jupiter 8. Nonetheless, instruments which, when added to a track, instantly add some kind of special magic or charm, even if it may be based on the fact that it sounds a bit cheap. Now a mature collection, Attic v2 adds a further 8 instruments to a total of 18. Soniccouture has tracked down some of the more esoteric instruments that seem to come up often when musicians discuss classic tracks online – mostly out of Soniccouture own curiosity to see if they really do make the sound it’s claimed they did.

The Attic 2 Instruments

The Attic 2 by Soniccouture updated to Version 2 Now With 18 Vintage Synths
  • ARP Omni 2 (New in Attic 2)
  • Cheetah MS800 (New in Attic 2)
  • Crumar DP80 (New in Attic 2)
  • Farfisa VIP 345 (New in Attic 2)
  • Moog MinitMoo (New in Attic 2)
  • Siel Orchestra 2 (New in Attic 2)
  • Solina String Ensemble (New in Attic 2)
  • Logan Vocalist (New in Attic 2)
  • Mini-Korg 700s (New in Attic 2)
  • Jennings Univox
  • Suzuki Omnichord
  • Philips Philicorda
  • Roland RS202
  • Korg LP10 Electronic Piano
  • Hammond Solovox
  • Godwin String Concert
  • Roland SH2000
  • EMS Synthi AKS

Moog Minitmoog was the big brother of the more well known Moog Satellite. One unique feature was a metal touchplate above the faders for modulation effects. It has several preset tabs, in the same style as the more well known Roland SH2000, all of which we have sampled individually, on every key. It has a second de-tunable oscillator which gives it an unstable raw quality.

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  • Solina String Ensemble New in Attic 2 by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Siel Orchestra 2 New in Attic 2 by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • ARP Omni 2 New in Attic 2 by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Moog MinitMoo New in Attic 2 by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Logan Vocalist New in Attic 2 by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Farfisa VIP 345 New in Attic 2 by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Crumar DP80 New in Attic 2 by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Cheetah MS800 New in Attic 2 by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Roland RS202 by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Philips Philicorda by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Suzuki Omnichord by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Godwin String Concert by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Jennings Univox by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Hammond Solovox by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Korg LP10 Electronic Piano by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • EMS Synthi AKS by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Roland SH2000 by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument
  • Mini Korg 700s by Soniccouture Konakt Instrument

Sampling the historic Synths

Traditional sampling wisdom has it that when sampling a synth, one or two samples per octave is enough, and you stretch the sample in between keys. This may have been ok in the days of limited memory chips, but today there is no need for such an economy. Soniccouture believes that each individual note of a vintage synth contains its own unique imperfections and anomalies; so that when you record every single note of a synths keyboard, you aggregate this character many times over. A complete set of waveform samples from any analog synths recorded in this way instantly feels ‘alive’ and raw to us, rather than that sanitized workstation-type synth sound you hear in competitor sampled synths.

The Attic 2 specifications:

  • 24-bit 48kHz sampling.
  • 18GB library (Kontakt NCW compression)
  • Requires Kontakt 5.7.3
  • Full range individual note sampling
  • Authentic behavior modeling
  • Custom IR reverb processor with Soniccouture IR library
  • 473 presets including sounds by sound designer Ian Boddy


Existing users of Attic1 can upgrade, log in to your account to see the offer. Without having Attic 1 your special price is MSRP €79 | $99 – The Offer ends July 5th 2019

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