Phase Plant v1.7.3 Update is Available!

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Sunday, 16 June 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Phase Plant is a modular synthesizer or effect all in one box combining various advanced effects and synthesis techniques. The workflow in a nut-shell: Analog oscillators, samples, wavetables, and a noise generator generates the initial sound. This original sound is then refined, shaped, and treated using any order of snapins included in Phase Plant. You can add envelopes and LFOs as you need them. Next, you route them to almost any parameter to inject some life into the sound.

Phase Plant UI

Phase Plant has now been updated to Version 1.7.3. With this update, Kilohearts addresses a number of bugs. Some of the bugfixes affect the DSP code, most notably of the Sampler module in Phase Plant. If you think you have “taken advantage” of these bugs in your songs you may want to bounce your tracks before updating to this version.

Phase Plant General Updates in Version 1.7.3:

  • Snapins without licenses no longer show up in the snapin picker.
  • Fixed handling of “all notes off” and “all sound off” MIDI commands.
  • The grid and snapping settings are now saved in the LFO editor.
  • Fixed the “Aux Input” modulation target showing up as “Unknown”.
  • Added two new tutorials presets: “Delayed Envelopes” and “Dual Band Processing”.
  • Fixed reverb tails sometimes getting cut off too early in polyphonic lanes.
  • Fixed some clicks and pops that could occur in the sampler with the “Fwd-Rev” loop mode, even when crossfade was used.
  • Fix for crash in sampler when a negative shift was used (i.e. when playing backward).
  • Fixed “Sustain” loop in sampler restarting from the beginning of the sample when releasing the key.

Audio Unit Updates:

  • Fixed sounds being played at the wrong pitch in some sample rates.

AAX / Pro Tools Updates:

  • Fixed notes not playing correctly.
  • Fixed space key not starting and stopping playback when the plugin has focus.
  • Fixed a bug that caused random crashes.

For more on Phase Plant you can read our Phase Plant Review – an Enormous Hybrid Synthesizer and Sound Design Tool by Kilohearts

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