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Signs of Life Library – an Environmental Recordings Omnisphere 2.6 by Plugin Guru




Signs of Life by Plugin Guru Omnisphere

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Plugin Guru released an Environmental Recordings Sound Set for Omnisphere 2.6. Signs of Life is the biggest library for Omnisphere Plugin Guru has released to date! With environmental recordings from a 15 day trip thru Costa Rica, then Plugin Guru spends more than six months feeding these recordings thru synth and plug-ins to make new synth samples “Powered by Mother Nature” and then adding Drum Loops AND single Shot Drum Samples. I do see this Library as an excellent source for Sound Design, mangling the natural recording through Eurorack or in the DAW.

238 Patches, 20 mind-blowing Multis using 123 new SoundSources are at the heart of this library. There are Bonus treats included as well – 29 .wav Drum Loops, 46 single samples .wav drum samples, 5 MIDI files that re-create the Drum Loops with mapping presets for EXS24, Kontakt 4-6 and a special map for Plugin Guru customers that own SuperMacho Drumz! There is also a free photo album with over 40 photos from Plugin Guru’s trip.

Signs of Life is skillfully produced, you receive soundscapes that serve well for many styles of music and when you need some background beds while scoring to picture.

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