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Over the Summer, new exciting Modules for AE Modular releasing soon. I did see already these Modules playing along when visiting the company at their main office in Germany. The Modules below should be all ready for sale in the next 45 days.

If you are new to Modular and are concerned about the high costs to build up a powerful Eurorack system AE Modular is an excellent alternative for you. There are very attractive options available like the AE modular STARTER RACK 2. With the Starter Pack Two, you can obtain a complete AE modular system in a two-row Rack comprising 32 AE module units. Ae Modular is not the same format as Eurorack, you can combine AE Modular with Semi-Modular Synthesizer like the Moog Mother-32 or Moog DFAM and your Eurorack System. The beauty of combining AE Modular with other system is to reduce the investment made as AE Modular at high quality and features costs normally a fraction of “normal” Eurorack Modules. I am currently preparing a series where my AE Modular is combined with Eurorack, Semi-Modular, Softtube Modular, VCV Rack, Pedals and a variety of different Synthesizer.

AE Modular Starter Pack Two
AE Modular Starter Pack Two (already available)


This is an excellent sounding String Synthesizer, one of my personal top three Modules launching. Solina is in nutshell an oscillator that models the Eminent Solina String Synthesizer. This is modeled after Jan Ostman’s Solina DSP code.

Multimode DIVIDER

This is a clock divider with various different algorithms: Binary, Decimal, Prime numbers, Fibonacci with output shifting and rotation option.


AE Modular version of Grids by Mutable Instruments.


This is a lo-fi drum module featuring various 8bit drum sounds. This is a perfect companion to the new TRIQ164 trigger sequence


A pure analog kick drum. This little guy really gives your bass speaker a good workout


A sound generator module based on different algorithms known also as “byte-beat” with quite interesting output, somewhere between rhythmic and tonal structures. Will be a hot thing.

Many of these new modules for AE Modular will be available in the shop starting by the end of June 2019.

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