VCV Rack 1.0 Launched – Open-Source Modular Synthesizer

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2019
  • Time to read: 1 min.

VCV Rack 1.0.0 available

The open source platform for software modular has been enhanced and is now with Release 1.0 at a more maturity level combined with stability and integration. VCV Rack 1.0 is the result of more than 8 months of development and the single largest update since September 2017. I can’t wait to pair the newly released version my Expert Sleepers ES-8 with the new version. With the Expert Sleepers ES-8 Module, you can connect seamless Eurorack Hardware with software tools like VCV Rack.

What’s new in VCV Rack 1.0:

  • Polyphony. Use up to 16 voices with the full flexibility of modular patching. Cables automatically turn polyphonic when requested by MIDI modules, sequencers
  • MIDI output. Control MIDI hardware with Rack modules. New modules include CV-GATE for drum machines, CV-MIDI for desktop synths, and CV-CC for Eurorack interfaces.
  • MIDI mapping. Control knobs, buttons, and sliders directly from a MIDI controller. Using the new MIDI-MAP module, click a virtual parameter and move a hardware control to create a mapping.
  • Module Browser. Search, filter, and view modules in your collection. Click and drag to directly place modules in the rack.
  • Multi-core engine. Use multiple CPU threads to maximize the number of modules. Accelerated polyphonic engines on many VCV and third-party modules.

Full list of enhancement are listed here.

VCV Rack 1.0

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