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Audified turns tone-spotting attention to improving drum and percussion production with dedicated processing plug-in

ToneSpot Drum Pro is the third entry into its growing family of one-shot channel
strip-style processing plug-ins par excellence that is as easy on the eye as they are easy to use, this time aimed at improving the tone of any acoustic or electronic drums and percussion as another aptly-named Swiss Army knife-style solution, so speedy arrivals at appropriate, professional-sounding results are always assured.

ToneSpot Drum Pro

Hunting Perfect-Sounding Percussion

Hunting down perfect-sounding percussion to propel a particular track in the right musical direction can prove particularly frustrating for aspiring artists, engineers, and producers in a technology-driven production world increasingly beset by creativity-stifling choice. Copying or being inspired by a distinctive drum tone that anchors a respected recording can clearly be an attractive proposition, yet — more often than not — even that is easier said than done. Drum kits can be notoriously difficult to record well, whether falling into the top-tier territory or otherwise, even if the recordist is fortunate enough to have access to a classy collection of outboard processing and microphones with which to capture them. Investing in high-quality drum triggers and amazing-sounding samples, of course, can prove to be an alternative for those taking the tricky performance route, but it is still perfectly possible to drastically change the resultant sound. Similarly, it is also perfectly possible to drastically change the sound of drum machines, regardless of how well they have been programmed.

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