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WIND IN TREES a New HISSandaROAR Library capturing the Wind Rising and the Forest Singing





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AMB015 WIND IN TREES represents an Autumn month of chasing weather forecasts and aiming to be at specific and remote forest locations as the pressure shifts with an approaching front.

Locally, the two prevailing winds are the gusty Nor’Wester and the bone-chilling Southerly. With the forecast in mind, each location was chosen for exposure and captured multitrack 24bit/96kHz (12-MKH8040 ORTF, 34-MKH8020 spaced Omni, 56-spaced/discrete MKH70 pair).

Broad strokes and landscapes are important but so detail. Accordingly, Murphy and Tim Prebble recorded wind in the grass, bushes, flax, palms, hedges, ferns, and ni! a shrubbery – some captured from insect pov with spaced DPA4060 Omni, otherwise with a shielded MKH8040 pair.


Weirdly during the final weeks of recording, an old school Wind Machine turned up on a local secondhand website. Serendipity insisted Tim nab it, and after some hand-cranked test recordings, it was soon apparent as being most useful at half or quarter speed. So it has been captured at 192kHz with spaced MKH8020 omnis. 

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