MODO DRUM a Physical Modeling Drum

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Saturday, 22 June 2019
  • Time to read: 1 min.

MODO DRUM is IK’s first physical modeling drum virtual instrument. MODO DRUM produces amazingly lifelike drum tracks. Using the power of IK’s exclusive modal synthesis, MODO DRUM gives you 10 customizable virtual drum kits with complete control over every element of your sound, shattering the limitations of traditional sample libraries.

Through MODO DRUM real-time modal synthesis technology you can use one of the 10 iconic drum kits cover every style and genre of music. 1400 grooves in many different styles support your performance. Composers find MIDI patterns of every style and mood here. These loops are handcrafted by the IK team or drawn from their best-selling sample libraries to be unmistakably unique, authentic, and inspiring. Trigger these from within MODO DRUM or drag n’ drop into your DAW to explore the virtually endless possibilities.

Unlike traditional sample-based virtual instruments, MODO DRUM utilizes IK’s award-winning modal synthesis technology and an ultra-optimized sound engine to bring your drums to life.

Each drum’s acoustic behavior is determined by its physical parameters: dimensions, materials, skin, and more, as well by modeling the play style, the interaction of the drum head with the body, the sympathetic vibration of the drums with each other and the acoustic interaction with the room.

MODO DRUM aims for

  • The revolutionary new drum modeling engine
  • Unique drum element controls
  • Unique snare/kick controls
  • Unique drum player technique controls
  • Professional-sounding drum tracks every time
  • An advanced drum software application

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