Signal Sounds Moved to a New Store Location

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 28 June 2019
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Signal Sounds a Glasgow Retailer have moved into a new store location. Signal Sounds offer the best in Analogue and Digital Instruments, Eurorack Modular systems and Studio Recording Gear. The main store is located at 15 Parnie Street, Glasgow, which is approximately 30 seconds walk from their old offices at Guitar Guitar. I mention this excellent company as I got a great deal of guidance from this Eurorack Special Store in Glasgow. As a customer, I am thrilled with the service, advice, and fast shipment.

With the move to the new location, they are promoting key Eurorack Modules Vector Space, SoundStage, The Rossum Electro Music Trident, Chord & Prism, Divkid Mutes, 1010 MUSIC LASERBOX, OPTOMIX, and LXD.

Vector Space and SoundStage by WORNG Electronics

LRMSMSLR (short for left, right, mid, side, mid, side, left, right) is a 4HP essential for your eurorack synthesizer. It brings the power of mid/side processing into the eurorack domain. For those of you not familiar with mid/side processing, this is a powerful stereo processing technique that lets you add stereo width to a mono mix and, of course, given that it’s within the eurorack domain there’s plenty of scope for more experimentation: audio-rate sideband modulation, anyone?

The Vector Space is a development on the concept of spatial CV mixing that was pioneered by the Wiard JAG way back when but pushes that idea into three dimensions! It’s an incredible tool for the creation of multiple, complex, and inter-related voltages. Use it as a quad (or even cube!) spatial array controller, a means of generating 17 melodies and counter melodies from 3 * inputs signals or as a three-dimensional vector synthesis controller. So much fun!

The SoundStage is the latest to the range, and it’s a complete reimagining of how a stereo mixer should work. There are twenty-one mono inputs and a stereo output. Each input is positioned on a virtual stage on the module’s front panel, and where you patch a signal, it determines it’s position in the stereo field. Patch on the left and the signal appears on the left of your mix, patch on the right and the signal appears on the right, patch at the top and the signal appears in the higher frequency register, patch on the bottom and the signal appears in the lower frequency registers. It’s an incredible tool in use and amazingly intuitive once you start patching!

Trident by Rossum Electro Music

A new module from synth design royalty, Dave Rossum. The Rossum Electro Music Trident is perhaps the ultimate analog oscillator for wave-shaping and cross-modulation. Trident is a triple oscillator which you can use as three independent sound sources if you wish but the full power is unlocked by using the second and third oscillators as modulation sources and the new interpretation of Ring Modulation which Dave amusingly calls “Zing Modulation”. 

Essentially it brings a more “musical” version of Ring Mod into play, producing incredible new textures but without the clangorous harmonics that are typically associated with that type of processing.

Prism and Chord by Qu-Bit Electronix

Chord by Qu-Bit Electronix is the latest version of their Quad Oscillator with nifty control over the Chords or running the voices completely separately and with an excellent range of waveforms too

Qu-Bit Electronix’ Prism is a fascinating audio processing module with a unique approach to combined Filter and Delay processing based around a 3D X/Y/Z model.

Divkid Mutes

Divkid Mutes is back in stock! This module is the perfect performance tool. Co-designed by Befaco, Mutes has four multi-position switches each allowing for Momentary, On or Off. Each channel is vactrol based on eliminating any clicks and will mute all kinds of signals in Eurorack, including audio, gates, and CV’s. Divkid has even been kind enough to include a free glow worm cable with each module and some Knurlies to rack it up with.

Control lasers with CV in Eurorack! In combination with the LZX Cyclops module, the 1010 Laserbox can create complex and impressive light shows using high powered professional lasers. You can preview your laser shows on the screen even without a laser connected so you can plan everything at home and then hook it all up at the gig!

2018 will long be remembered in Modular world as the year that everybody ran out of Vactrols at the same time. Because of that, modules like the Optomix and Lxd were simply not possible to build and what few modules were built went into the high-end Shared System and Cartesian Systems.

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