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Summer has caught up with us once more; with its humid air, its loud children and its burnt meat (both of the barbecue and the naked human flesh varieties. For those of us who remain indoors, sweating away at our desks, making next summer’s film, TV and game scores, we have to snatch our jollies via discounted noises and the occasional ice lolly.

Ever one to join in such domestic frivolities, The Unfinished offer to you the biggest and best The Unfinished Summer Sale ever! Bigger, because there are more soundsets, sample libraries and bundles on The Unfinished site than ever before. And, better, because more of those collections of sumptuous sounds are at 50% off than before.

To retrieve your dog day discounts, use the code BUTTERWOULDMELT in your cart between June 28th & July 12th. Just two weeks to get in there.

Below are the discount levels on offer. Note that recent releases Uno LX Nara Vol I, Uno LX Nara Vol II and RePro-1 Firebird are not included in the sale. Also, bundle upgrades are not included as part of the Summer Sale.

0% OFF:
Absynth BundleAbsynth DoomsdayAbsynth NostromoAbsynth ObsidianDiva Ex MachinaDoomsdayFM8 AkheronMassive BundleMassive DoomsdayMassive OmicronMassive PolarisOmnisphere CapricornOmnisphere HorizonOmnisphere Horizon IIOmnisphere Lost & FoundPhonec 2 BundlePhonec Phosphor Vol 1Phonec Phosphor Vol 2The Stone TapesTrilian RaptorZebra Continuum and Zebra Continuum: Dark Edition

40% OFF:
Algorhythms 02Complete BundleDiva BundleDiva Phenom Vol 1Diva Phenom Vol 2Diva PraxisDiva Skyline Vol 1Diva Skyline Vol 2Drumstruck 4Drumstruck 4 WAV VersionDrumstruck BundleKontakt BundleOmnisphere BundleOmnisphere FeroxOmnisphere Horizon IIIOmnisphere Horizon IVOmnisphere Horizon V DeluxeOmnisphere PangaeaOmnisphere Pangaea DeluxeThe SnarlingUno LX BundleUno LX ProtozoaUno LX VulcanZebra BorealisZebra Borealis: Dark EditionZebra BundleZebra ElysiumZebra Elysium: Dark EditionZebra GravastarZebra Gravastar: Dark EditionZebra KronosZebra Kronos: Dark EditionZebra LuminaeZebra Luminae: Dark EditionZebra QuasarZebra Quasar: Dark EditionZebra SerenityZebra Serenity: Dark EditionZebra Theta and Zebra Theta: Dark Edition

30% OFF:
Diva CassiniDiva GenotypeOmnisphere AmaraOmnisphere ColossusOmnisphere Colossus IIOmnisphere Colossus IIIOmnisphere Colossus III DeluxeOmnisphere CyberiaZebra ArkhangelZebra Arkhangel: Dark EditionZebra Lazarus Vol IZebra Lazarus Vol I: Dark EditionZebra Lazarus Vol IIZebra Lazarus Vol II: Dark EditionZebra MinimaZebra Minima DeluxeZebra Minima: Dark EditionZebra Minima: Dark & DeluxeZebra Nordsund BloodZebra Nordsund Blood: Dark EditionZebra Nordsund GoldZebra Nordsund Gold: Dark EditionZebra Vellum and Zebra Vellum: Dark Edition

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