Luftrum Summer Sale – Save 40%

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 10 July 2019
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Luftrum 40% Summer Sale

Summer is here, Summer of Eurorack Love started. The music gets louder and the drinks become colder and a long-awaited summer sale is now on with a limited 40% discount on everything in the Luftrum Sound Shop until July 28 just add icecubeswouldalsomelt in the promo field at checkout. The Summer Sale does not include the recent Solaria release or the Luftrum All Bundle.

Luftrum is know for excellent and Grab some new sonic inspiration while the sale lasts:

  • Lunaris  ̶$̶1̶5̶9̶  $95
  • Expanse for Omnisphere 2.5  ̶$̶3̶9̶  $23
  • Retro City for Diva  ̶$̶2̶9̶  $17
  • Luftrum 20 for Hive and Hive 2  ̶$̶2̶9̶  $17
  • Luftrum 19 for Repro-5  ̶$̶3̶9̶  $23

In addition, 20 other discounted releases for Omnisphere 2, Diva, Zebra2, TAL U-No-Lx, Prophet-6, iZotope Iris 2 and more are available on Luftrum.

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