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Sirius’ Veil – an Stereo State Variable Filter




Sirius Veil an Stereo State Variable Filter

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Sirius’ Veil by VOIDModular is a stereo state variable filter with exceptional features. The right audio input is normalized to the left audio input for mono input signals. There are a master cutoff control and master CV control in the middle, and a switch to invert the master CV to the left channel for panning type effects. Each channel has VC resonance, cutoff offset, offset CV, and a VCA. The right VCA is normalized to the left VCA. Watch the video below with Headphones or at Stereo Speaker.

You are able to choose the filter state (LP, BP, HP, NP) with a push button, or it can be changed via a gate or trigger into the “state” input. A three position switch on each side selects the number of steps available (2, 3 or 4).

It pairs great with Gravitational Waves and is available in VOIDModular Etsy shop

Sirius Veil

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