Mixed In Key Studio Edition Review – The Master of Key

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 17 July 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Mixed In Key SE by Mixed In Key Review

Mixed In Key Studio Edition detect the key of your sample or loop in real-time. It has a very focused feature but wants to be excellent in that area. Mixed In Key did send a review copy with no strings attached.


Available on Mac and Windows it installs as a plugin, I reviewed it on MAC OS.


Any composer, producer or beat-maker needs to know the key of the loop or sample. When you with no music theory as a background start to mix samples and loop. Also combining samples with the score you write in Kontakt or others synths/sample you need to know the key.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition Key Detection

With the tool, you can find the key to your samples to match any other content in Melodyne or Autotune. Also when knowing the key you can use DAW tools to retune the sample. Mixed In Key Studio Edition examines your sample collecting and allows you to harmonize your obtained audio content.

Captain Plugins Integration

With the Captain Plugins, you can easily write Chord Progressions, Hooks, Melodies and Basslines and export to your DAW. If you are using both plugin take a look at the Write a track using Mixed In Key Studio Edition and Captain Plugins guidance. The article discusses how you can ensure all the elements contained within your music composition are harmonically compatible is a powerful ability for any music producer.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition Features

  • A quick way to detect the key in your DAW
  • Usable on any audio source – just add it to an audio channel as a VST or AU
  • Works on the Master bus as well
  • Analyze your samples
  • Establish the root key
  • Be able to see key changes inside your audio source
  • Easy to use, and includes the industry-favorite Mixed In Key algorithm

User interface & Usability

The plugin comes with an intuitive layout and is extremely easy to use. I do also use the plugin with Kontakt, Omnispher, other Synths and my Hardware Sampler.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition UI

Rating:  Four Out of Five Stars

Mixed In Key Studio Edition is the Swiss Army knife for beatmaker, producer, and DJs. The tool provides world-class key detection and prevents you from producing a dissonant mix or composition.

The tool is focused on finding the Key per sample. I would wish for bpm information and that it goes through my library sorting the samples by Key. That information is currently in Mixed In Key 8.5.

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