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Eventide’s H9 Harmonizer® adds its 51st effect, “Harmadillo” a mind-bending harmonic tremolo tuned for guitar and bass





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Eventide Audio introduced the 51st algorithm for the popular H9 Harmonizer® pedal for guitar, bass, and keyboard players, called “Harmadillo”. Harmadillo is a flexible harmonic tremolo algorithm, offering everything from lush, soulful tremolos to psychedelic, mind-bending weirdness. Complete with a player-centric feature set that allows musicians to sculpt sound in powerful ways, the Harmadillo algorithm offers a wide variety of LFO shapes, drive and tone, and three controls that respond to your playing dynamics.

H9 Harmadillo 300DPI

Harmadillo is now available as a free update for H9 Max users, and for $19.99 as an in-app purchase for H9 and H9 Core users on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, and Android. This update also includes new presets for H9’s SpaceTime, Sculpt, PitchFuzz, and HotSawz algorithms.

Features of Harmadillo, the H9’s 51st Algorithm:

●  DEPTH– Positive values increase the depth of the tremolo at the attack of a note, negative values make sustained notes more expressive over time. Use large negative values to create tremolos that only appear when the input is soft.
●  RATE – Set the modulation rate of the tremolo or, in tap tempo mode, multiply the tapped BPM value.
●  SHAPE – Multiple waveform shapes can be chosen to produce morphing effects as the crossover frequency changes to create subtle, smoothed, fattened, lumped, plucked, ramped, sloped or pulsed sounds with Sine, Fat Sine, Phat Sine, Triangle, Ramp Up, Ramp Down, and PulsX.
-X-OVER – Sets crossover frequency of the low and high bands. Modulate X-OVER for sweeping filter effects similar to auto-wah and phaser.
Amount of overlap between the high and low bands. Negative values produce a cut at the crossover frequency while positive values produce a boost – great for dialing in classic sounds.
-DRIVE Adds warmth to the signal by mimicking the behavior of a tube amplifier’s harmonic tremolo.
-TONE Shape the output’s high or low-end. Negative values roll off high frequencies (HICUT), positive values roll-off low frequencies (LOCUT).
Price and Availability: Harmadillo is a free update for H9 Max pedal registered users, and also available for H9 and H9 Core users as an in-app purchase for iPad, iPhone, Mac/PC and Android for just $19.99.
Customers may also demo Harmadillo for free by downloading the latest version of the H9 Control app for iPhone, iPad, Mac/PC, and Android devices.

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