Eventide Audio introduced the 51st algorithm for the popular H9 Harmonizer® pedal for guitar, bass, and keyboard players, called “Harmadillo”. Harmadillo is a flexible harmonic tremolo algorithm, offering everything from lush, soulful tremolos to psychedelic, mind-bending weirdness. Complete with a player-centric feature set that allows musicians to sculpt sound in powerful ways, the Harmadillo algorithm offers a wide variety of LFO shapes, drive and tone, and three controls that respond to your playing dynamics.

Harmadillo is now available as a free update for H9 Max users, and for $19.99 as an in-app purchase for H9 and H9 Core users on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, and Android. This update also includes new presets for H9’s SpaceTime, Sculpt, PitchFuzz, and HotSawz algorithms.

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