Drillers & Trappers: London Drill by Soundsmiths

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 26 July 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Soundsmiths are back with their latest installment Drillers & Trappers: London Drill (Affiliate Link). Drawing inspiration from the concrete streets of London city, ‘Drillers & Trappers: London Drill’ is a library that instantly sets a hauntingly cold underground tone.

This pack is ideal for producers working with rappers. Studio time is expensive so having the right ammo to create a mood instantly can save you time constructing beats and let you get down to recording vocals extremely quickly.

All samples are named with their keys, tempo and tagged with a name that signifies what loops will work particularly well together so you can get straight in with a full, polished beat that’s ready for you to build off of, deconstruct, slice and warp to your heart’s content.

A huge range of drum loops split into top loops, bottom loops and full loops cover all the bases with rapid hi-hat trap rhythms, slapping snares, knocking kick drums and more experimental patterns. If you feel like making your own patterns there is over 63 drum one-shots: kicks, claps, snares, open hats, closed hats, and percs – everything you need.

● 24bit / 44.1Khz
● 26 Bass Loops
● 28 Bass Hits
● 44 Full Drum Loops / Top Loops / Bottom Loops / Intro Loops
● 63 Drum Hits
● 25 Atmospheres
● 29 Fx One Shots
● 51 Melodic Loops
● 28 Melodic One Shots

Along with the drums, the melodic loops are without a doubt what set the tone of the drill genre, haunting bells, cold pianos and ethereal organs all help bring you into the harsh urban landscape of the London suburbs. All these sounds are then also split into a varied selection of melodic one-shots. To round it all off Soundsmiths included a nice collection of 808’s, saturated basslines and a selection of atmos & FX, with some wicked warped sounds. You can find Drillers & Trappers: London Drill (Affiliate Link) on Loopmaster.

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