HATEFISh RhyGenerator – a Euclidean Rhythm Generator Plugin by HoRNet

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Sunday, 28 July 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Euclidean Rhythm Generator modules are quite common in Eurorack, with HATEFISh RhyGenerator you have an option in the box now.

Simply put, with RhyGenerator you can create up to 16 different rhythms, consisting of up to 32 steps each. Those 16 lanes you have on the GUI of the plugin are actually 16 different step sequencer linked to your DAW tempo and each of the sequencers can work in multiple modes:

  • Single note
  • Arpeggiator up
  • Arpeggiator down
  • Chord
  • MIDI Control

In the “Note” mode the sequencer outputs the specified note following the rhythm generated by the Euclidean algorithm, in “Arpeggiator up” or “Arpeggiator down” mode the sequencer outputs the notes on the plugin input from lowest to highest (or vice versa) following the specified rhythmic pattern.
In “Chord” mode all the notes on the input are played together on every active beat and in the last mode, the “Control” mode MIDI control change messages are used instead of notes, allowing you to automate rhythmically any parameter of your synths.

HATEFISh RhyGenerator, euclidean rhythm generator plugin by HoRNet and HATEFISh

Every one of the sequencers allows you to control the number of steps and beats separately, also the note mode you can control the velocity and the length of the note, in the control change mode the note number becomes the “control number” and the velocity becomes the “control value”.
Of course you can assign a different MIDI channel to every one of the step sequencers to be able to control up to 16 different synths and in addition to these controls we also thought it was cool to add an LFO to every sequencer that can modulate the MIDI message value, velocity for “Note” mode and value for “Control” mode.

HATEFISh RhyGenerator Features

  • Up to 16 different euclidean step sequencer
  • Five different working modes for each of the sequencers
  • Up to 32 steps for each sequencer
  • Automatic euclidean rhythm generation
  • One LFO on each sequencer to create modulations
  • Midi effect in Logic ProX
  • Resizable vector GUI
  • Mac OS X (>=10.7) and Windows support.
  • 64-bit compatibility both on Mac and Windows.
  • Audio Units VST2.4, VST3, and AAX format.

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