The Drift Pack for Voltage Modular – Time to drift away

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 31 July 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

The Drift Pack by Insomniac Music for Cherry Audio Voltage Modular contains compact modules for adding smooth random movement, instability, imperfections and maybe even that elusive analog quality to your patches. Use the modules subtly to add some life to static sounds, or turn the knobs to the max for cool and crazy effects! The modules are also useful for adding stereo width to mono sounds.

Voltage Modular is a powerful and authentic modular synth for your MAC or PC. It comes with an excellent presets selection and a baseline of include modules that get you going to learn and discover modular. If you did not enter the world of modular synthesis yet, you can get started with tons of fun and learn so much when you make your step into AE Modular or Eurorack. Voltage Modular is excellent for beginners and any expert or professional who works in a hybrid system.

The Drift Pack Includes

  • Pitch Drift: Gradual random pitch variation for audio signals.
  • Volume Drift: Gradual random amplitude modulation for audio signals.
  • Filter Drift: Moving random peak & notch filters for audio signals.
  • Control Drift: Random smooth fluctuations for control signals (LFOs, envelopes, etc). Can also act as a drift signal generator.
  • Dynamic Noise: Adds noise to audio (or control!) signals, with the noise level controlled by the input.
  • NEW! Gate Drift: A gate that opens and closes at random intervals. For audio and control signals. (If you already bought The Drift Pack, Gate Drift should automatically appear in your library soon!)

Voltage Modular store offers The Drift Pack at a low price currently.

The Drift Pack Include Modules

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