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tranQuilizr G2 is an equalizer plugin employing fully configurable eight bands. It has now updated to v1.10.0.  

tranQuilizr G2 Features

  • Eight bands are configurable as peaking, shelving, baxandall, cutting.
  • Per-band channel setting: Stereo(LR), Left, Right, Mid and Side.
  • Band parameter covers from 1Hz to 50kHz center frequency, -24 to +24dB gain and 0.05 to 10-octave bandwidth.
  • Three equalizer types of different sound characters: Minimum-Phase, Maximum-Phase, Conventional.
  • Automatic Gain Compensation.
  • M/S balance adjustment.
  • Gain-Bandwidth interaction: Standard, Gentle, Focus, Hybrid.
  • Totally rewritten over-sampler. (our fourth-generation engine)
  • Selectable Monitoring Channels: Stereo(LR), Left, Right, Mid and Side.
  • Multi-channel support.
  • Dual spectrum analyzers: Graph and Belt-Shaped.
  • Configurable mouse modifier key.

A.O.M. offers a subscription and perpetual model and some mixed ones, I found the price positioning a bit confusing so select your option when you obtain a license carefully.

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