Presonus Studio One 4 – Professional Video Review

  • By: Alex Scott
  • Date: Tuesday, 17 May 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

For beginning recording engineers and music producers, choosing the DAW you want to work in can be incredibly confusing. In this video review, we go over some of our favorite features of Studio One and discuss why it’s an excellent choice for music production software.

Studio One Professional 4 is an incredibly powerful DAW that is great for artists, engineers, and producers of all levels, from beginner to expert. There is also a written Presonus Studio One Professional V4.1 Review available. The Video Review was done by the exceptional Consordini team.

Studio One Song 1
Studio One Song 1

In past years, getting started as an audio engineer or music producer was extremely complicated and expensive. You had to purchase tape machines, mixing consoles, microphones, racks, and racks of gear, and many other things just to be able to learn. Many of these devices required extensive experience to operate correctly before you could even get started with recording.

But in this modern digital age, we are blessed with the DAW or Digital Audio Workstation. This type of software offers the potential that couldn’t be imagined even just 20 years ago. 

For many newcomers to the world of music-making, deciding on which DAW to use can be a complicated proposition. There are so many choices on the market today – Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Ableton, Studio One, FL Studio, Reaper, Cubase, Nuendo, Audacity, Garage Band… with so many options, where does one begin?

Some of these DAWs are designed for specific applications and types of music.  Ableton and FL Studio are mainly geared towards producers working with hip-hop, rap, techno, and other forms of electronic music. Although even excluding these, the list of options can still be overwhelming to look at. In this simple, easy-to-follow video, we cover the features and layout of one of the most up-and-coming DAWs on the market today – Presonus Studio One 4. 

PreSonus Studio One 4 offers the best of both worlds – it’s straightforward for beginners to use, but extremely powerful when you need it to be. It features many of the advanced features of professional software like ProTools, but in a much simpler interface that’s much less intimidating to use. Studio One is also suitable for any part of the production process. 

Rating:  Five Out of Five Stars

In my opinion, Presonus Studio One Professional 4 is one of the best DAW on the market. Whether you’re recording a simple demo, making a beat, mixing a song, or mastering a full record, Studio One provides an extensive selection of tools that are perfect for any situation. It even comes with a variety of samples, loops, and plugins to help you achieve the sounds you’re striving for.


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