Happy Nerding released 2xSAM is Dual Stereo Attenuator-Mixer. The 2xSAM is available in Silver and Black.

  • Separate stereo outputs for attenuator duties
  • Stereo mixer output
  • Optional 5x gain for each input to raise line levels to modular amplitude (jumpers on the backside)
  • Clean (low noise and distortion) performance
  • Right inputs are normalled to Left inputs for easy mono operation
  • AC coupled inputs
  • Several 2xSAMs can be chained together or with other HN stereo modules via sockets on the back side.
  • 2xSAM’s total mix stereo output can be internally sent to the IsolatorPanMix Jr3xStereo Mixer, or can be received from OUTPanMixPanMix Jr3xStereo Mixer, or another 2xSAM.
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