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For example, the Lord of War SFX Bundle with gun sound effects, including the Hollywood Guns SFX.

All 720 sounds are included

– M249
– M4
– Suppressed M4
– AR-15
– Suppressed AR-15
– H&K Mp5
– Remington 700 Bolt Action Sniper
– Winchester 1886
– Mossberg 590 Pump Action Shotgun
– Barrett .50 Cal Sniper
– Glock 9mm
– Glock .45
– 357 Revolver
– 1911

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A total of 720 high quality, ready to use sound effects! Including a ridiculous amount of great Foley sounds to enhance your production!

Fighting SFX Bundle

Triune Sound: Fighting SFX Bundle comes with all of their fighting sound effects! Over 600 sounds are included!Fully mixed and mastered, drag and drop ready sounds.

  • Hundreds of Raw sounds included for custom editing.
  • Punch sounds processed in several styles.
  • Kick sounds processed in several styles.
  • Tons of gore sounds.
  • Over 100 whoosh sounds!

Well over 600 high quality, ready to use sound effects and Raw, unedited sounds for custom use!

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August 10th-18th! Up to 60% off all Film Riot / Triune filmmaker goodies!

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