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Modern Scoring Brass Version 1.2 Update Notes

  • Added: Assignable CCs available to control Trill and Crescendo menus that are unable to be directly CC learned.
  • Added: New Tile switcher mode with auto-populated articulations for changing tiles with or without the most often used parameter combinations.
  • Added: Velocity and CC Stack modes allow for easy setups when used with dedicated key switch controllers and/or Expression Maps / Articulation Maps.
  • Added: Expression Maps for Cubase users.
  • Added: Articulation Sets for Logic users.
  • Added: Ability to save a default Articulation Map setup that can be recalled across patches.
  • Added: Ability to save a default Mixer setup that can be recalled across patches.
  • Added: Ability to save default Intuition setup.
  • Added: Advanced user flags can be set that will automatically use default ensemble, mixer, and/or Intuition setups on patch load.
  • Added: Articulation Map has a sequential mode button for easy setups of key switch ranges, CC ranges, and preset ordering.
  • Added: Niente dynamics mode for Intuition allows for a true 0-volume dynamic start point.
  • Added: X/Y for controlling pan and width for Intuition.
  • Added: Reverb amount slider for Intuition Series.
  • Improved: All MSB reverbs now available in Intuition.
  • Improved: Intuition signal path for better handling with X/Y placement.
  • Improved: Greatly reduced CPU when changing ensemble presets in realtime.
  • Improved: Stock legato transition speed settings across the whole library.
  • Improved: Horns Width in panning to 100% giving it a more spacious sound.
  • Improved: Worked around Kontakt bugs causing excessive CPU during tempo ramps.
  • Fixed: Trumpet D RTs were longer than usual.
  • Fixed: Horn octave rips in the high range were playing wrong samples.
  • Fixed: Rare situation where Tutti/Per-Voice and other ens buttons could get in a bad state when key switching ensemble presets.
  • Fixed: Triple tongue random order was incorrect in a few rare cases.
  • Fixed: Non-sequential CC switching now behaves as expected.
  • Fixed: Missing Intuition mute EQs for Tubas.
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How To Update to Modern Scoring Brass v1.2

  1. Quit out of Kontakt and your DAW.
  2. Log into your Audiobro Download Center (ADC) application.
  3. Click on the “Updates Available” listing. This will open up as a tab.
  4. Click the “Update” button (not the Reinstall button) on the Modern Scoring Brass update you wish to install.
  5. Let the installer run through its process.
  6. When completed, the updated patches and NKR will be installed on your system and your previous Instruments folder will be placed in a backup folder.
  7. When you load an updated patch, the following will be displayed at the bottom left of Kontakt’s window: “Orchestral Engine Loaded: v1.5 | Library: v1.2”.
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