Libre Wave relaunched

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 19 August 2019
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Libre Wave has been relaunched

Libre Wave is all about virtual instruments and audio effects that respect your freedom.

In the year 2018, David Healey opened a new website, called Libre Wave, providing freedom-respecting virtual instruments and audio effects. I would recommend taking a closer look at Sofia Woodwinds. Sofia Woodwinds includes 13 woodwind instruments from piccolo to contrabassoon. Each instrument was recorded at 3 dynamic levels which you can smoothly crossfade in real-time or control through note-on velocity.

Sofia Woodwinds Features

  • 13 Individually sampled instruments
    • Piccolo, 2x Concert Flute, Alto Flute, English Horn, 2x Oboe, 2x Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, 2x Bassoon, Contrabassoon
  • Independent plugin built with HISE (no player required)
  • Low CPU and RAM usage
  • Resizable interface with 4k support
  • 26000 samples – 16GB Uncompressed 24bit 48KHz
  • 3 Crossfadable dynamic layers
  • Up to 4x round robin + auto variation engine
  • 3 Microphone positions
    • Close, Decca Tree, Hall/Wide
  • Performance generated articulations
    • Playable legato, glides, trills, vibrato
  • Crossfadable flutter tongue (for some instruments).

The site has just relaunched with a new look and new products. There is also currently a sale on everything running until August 28th.

kazbek cover 1600x1600
Kazbek by Libre Wave
Melodyne by Celemony

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