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Supernatural Ghosts by 344audio

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SOUND OF THE WEEK 108 by 344audio includes sound effect is taken from supernatural Ghosts. The full version of Supernatural Ghosts contains over 2GB of sounds perfect for layering into your horror film. Download it here and enjoy using this in your projects! You can buy the full version here.

Supernatural Ghosts includes 2 GB, 62 Minutes, 262 Files, Stereo WAV, 24Bit 96kHz. Extensive Metadata Included. Voices, instruments including waterphone, thunder tube, and harmonica, field recordings have been used for sound sources. With the full version, you can easily create a design tracks for ghosts and their presence within a scene.

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Breaths Section

Access an array of ghostly breaths in male and female; dry and processed.

Voices Section

Ghostly moaning, singing, speaking, whispering and spell casting.

Presence Section

A variety of ambiances that suggest the presence of the supernatural.

Elements Section

Piercing risers, deep impacts, ultrasonic and subsonic noises which chill the spine.

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