ChordPotion 1.2 Released by FeelYourSound

ChordPotion 1.2 available with new sequencer and preset sharing system. ChordPotion is a MIDI sequencer and effect plug-in (VST + AU). It can help you create new harmonic phrases and melodies within seconds. ChordPotion converts plain and simple chords into astonishing new phrases.

New in ChordPotion 1.2.0

  • Copy presets to the system clipboard. Paste presets from the system clipboard. A very easy method to exchange presets with other users.
  • Edit patterns with the built-in sequencer.
  • Import preset packages via clipboard or package file.
  • Preset list: Also show presets inside subfolders.
  • Preset list: Show last used preset name on each page.
  • Bugfix: Inform DAW when changes occur.

Availability and Pricing

Download the new version here and copy it over the old version. You can purchase a license for 49 Euro here.

Mixed Bag 1

FeelYourSound created a free extra package with additional presets for you. You can grab it here. Mixed Bag 1 is a collection of over 30 ChordPotion presets. From Goa basslines to guitar strum patterns.

Werbung / Ad

Werbung / Ad