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Manis Iteritas Patch Book




Manis Iteritas patchbook

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Manis Iteritas is a 10HP voice based on the architecture of Basimilus Iteritas, although designed to be more determined and energetic. It accomplishes this by using only sawtooth waves that are manipulated, modulated, and twisted by a rethought interface. Manis is suitable for leads, bass lines, drums, darkness, detuned madness, or pure mayhem.

At first glance Manis Iteritas is very similar to the Basimilus Iteritas. In Skin and Liquid mode there are six oscillator/envelope pairs that are added together. In Metal mode, there is phase modulated oscillator/envelope chains. Metal mode differs in Manis Iteritas by having two sets of three sequentially modulated oscillators rather that one set of six. The metal mode also waveshapes the output of the oscillators by summing two saw tooths of the same frequency to give a waveform somewhere between a sawtooth and a square.

Download the Manis Iteritas patch book! Want to see some cool patches you can make with your MI? The Patch Book includes some basic patches and ideas to try with your MI. Just set the knobs to match the pictures and you’re off. Once you’ve tried out some of these sounds, create your own patches and document them with the blank patch sheet on the last page.

Manis Iteritas Excample

“That” sound The type of sound Manis Iteritas is known for. Patch your trigger to Trig, and Out to your mixer. Patch a pitch CV sequence to Pitch. Sounds great tuned low or high. Add some modulation for noisy, aggressive fun.

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