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Seca Ruina – Multiband distortion Drive – Launched by Noise Engineering




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Seca Ruina is a multiband distortion with comprehensive CV control and a bypassable VCA. Seca Ruina is available now directly at Noise Engineering and soon at retailers for example Signal Sounds! Distortion is entertaining and exciting when you split it up across the frequency spectrum. Seca Ruina takes an input, splits it up into three frequency bands, and lets you drive them into annihilation. Seca Ruina includes a bypassable VCA on the output and CV over the individual band and universal drive amount. With individual outputs for each band, you can process each band further externally.

Seca Ruina was one of the early distortion module ideas Noise Engineering had in the distortion of-the-month plan. It was initially a 4hp module and had no CV. Noise Engineering pretty rarely want to make a module larger unless they really think it increases the value and utility of the module a lot. But they got the first prototype in hand and realized that in this case, CV was key to the module. Noise Engineering revised and added the CV jacks, adding 2hp to the footprint. Seca Ruina is 6hp.

Seca Ruina by Noise Engineering
Seca Ruina by Noise Engineering – Panel Choice

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