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STRUCTURE v1.4 Firmware Released – Eurorack Visual Generator Module




STRUCTURE by Erogenous Tones

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STRUCTURE by Erogenous Tones is a visual generator module that is based inside on an OpenGL GLSL node based platform. STRUCTURE applies the concept of node formations to push visuals within the system. STRUCTURE includes a video input system that you can select between two formats, Composite video or LZX 1V RGB (with sync applied to the rear of the module). The Composite input does full-color decoding. The input video can be mixed through effects, with other generators, effected with audio, etc.  The input video can be NTSC or PAL, 480i.  STRUCTURE auto-detects and converts video inputs.

What raised my attention that supports 3D objects (Wavefront OBJ File). Looks like a place to run through all the 3D objects I have stored. STRUCTURE can also generate 3D graphics, animate properties of the 3D objects, and allow you to map and node type to the texture of the 3D objects (like video).

Erogenous Tones is an audio/video hardware and software company founded by Rick Burnett in 2015 to pursue his passions as an electrical engineer and musician. After being introduced to the eurorack modular format at Moogfest 2012, his interest was drawn towards participation in the modular community – leading him to collaborate with Andrew Morelli and Steady State Fate on his first modular offering ‘GateStorm’, an advanced gate generator module. The mission of Erogenous Tones is the continual development and production of interesting and novel eurorack module designs.

STRUCTURE v1.4 New Features:

  • CLIP NODE added (See STRUCTURE page for more details) 
  • QUICK adjustment added for NODE local time scaling
  • VID->EFX12->MIX added
  • VID->FBK->EFX added
  • XY->FB added
  • arotscale’ added to EFX for auto rotation (uses accumulator)
  • ‘fold’ added to FBK node, folds feedback back down
  • ‘wrap’ added to FBK node, feedback wraps back around (modulus)
  • CUE added to main FILE LIST, allows cueing up file changes (action)

STRUCTURE v1.4 Bug Fixes:

  • Settings were not restored properly from presets
  • VID zoom algorithm fixed
  • XY node rewritten, removes discontinuity and plus pixels
  • VIDEO in for PAL has rewritten runs at full PAL resolution now


Find the guidance on how to load the Firmware here.


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