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This bundle includes five Kontakt libraries (full version required) from Unearthed Sampling (Affiliate Link).  They focus on specific and unique cinematic sounds that will help make your tracks stand out from the crowd!

Brian Freeland from APD reviews the latest time-limited deal

Stealth Winds – this is a unique Shakuhachi (traditional Japanese flute) library, focused on capturing a very specific sound: you won’t find deep-sampled legato, but samples captured to accent and sweeten music of all genres (they focused on a James Horner vibe for some of the samples). From unnerving overblown notes, dark pitch bends, and melodic ethnic phrases, this library is perfect for adding authenticity or atmospheric tension to your music! Keeping with the Japanese theme, it even contains epic taiko drums!

Esper Synth – Can you say BLADE RUNNER?! This library is modeled directly off of Vangelis’s iconic score to the sci-fi landmark Blade Runner. Beautiful swells, piercing leads, and soft, atmospheric padsdrenched in reverb, this is THE library you want if you need to channel this sci-fi classic.

Seige Drum – A highly detailed medieval drum library, recorded in both a beautiful, ambient hall, and a completely dry studio, for complete control over the end result. The samples include the drum struck with hands, sticks, mallets, and more specific presets that offer more delicate brushed sounds as well as a thick, rumbling ensemble.

Hammer On – A beautiful and cinematic library of ambient guitars, with clean tones, long reverse delays, swells, and more. Full control over the amount of reverb and EQ allows you to shape the tones to meet your needs.

Spaceology – A mesmerizing and sometimes dark sound design library, focused on spacey drones, textures, and pulses. All of the sounds were derived from authentic NASA recordings in the public domain. Some of the patches channel “systems music”, and are named after astronomer Johannes Kepler (a fun day of google research awaits…)

This bundle covers a lot of ground, from ambient and beautiful vibes, to dark, ethnic, and ancient sounds, there’s something for everyone. Unearth the hidden power! Don’t miss this one, you don’t find sounds like this every day, especially at prices this low!

You can obtain the bundle here: Unearthed Sampling (Affiliate Link)

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