The Korg Volca Sample is a super portable, super easy to use, a fabulous sounding beat machine that has even more features packed into it than the Volca Beats.  This Review was created by Alex from Consordini Musical instruments.

If you are an audio engineer that is always looking to do more with less, the Korg Volca Sample is the ultimate, portable, beat making machine. Side note, while the white case looks very sharp, it discolors very easily, especially after carrying it around with you all the time. And let’s face it, you WILL be carrying it around with you ALL the time. 

In addition to “regular” drum machine sounds (i.e. kick, hats, toms and the like) The Korg Volca Sample uses (you guessed it) samples. You have full control over these samples and can manipulate them to fit your grooves. The Korg Volca Sample is incredibly versatile. There are no analog circuits here! Instead, Korg has packed an incredible amount of features specifically for digital, linear samples.

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