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Experience a new collection of sounds inspired by paradigms of time, both physical and philosophical. As with its predecessor TIME macro, inspiration takes center stage at all times, spurring on users to merge and layer sounds in search of new sonic ground.

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The sense of shifting time that gives TIME micro its name can be attributed to the subtle forward movements within the looped sustained textures and also to the “pendulum swells” that recreate the oscillating movements of a pendulum as a dynamic swell within these patches. And to the rhythmic patterns that conjure up the sound of clockwork mechanisms played on a single pitch or in the form of non-tonal percussive notes.

Chamber-sized Ensembles and Soloists

TIME micro is your creative resource for atmospheric and rhythmic underscoring, geared towards intimate and small instrument groups and soloists – for instance, chamber-sized string sections and small vocal groups comprising no more than three singers. Rather than standard instruments, users will often find lower or softer alternatives: Basset Horn instead of Clarinet, Flugelhorn/Cornet instead of Trumpet, and Alto Flute/Bass Flute instead of standard Flute.

Unique colors and intimate textures

In addition to an inspiring String Quartet recorded in unison and a Low Bass Section, TIME micro will extend your palette of sounds with shimmering Celeste, Harp, and Mandolin tones. Not to mention its experimental and extraordinary articulations – ranging from airy woodwind tones, harmonic waves, and flourishes to stuttering staccato performances and barely audible ultra-soft string bowings. Just some of the many subtle touches that will extend your set of orchestral inspiration with unique colors of intimate textures.


  • Toolset for atmospheric and rhythmic underscoring
  • Defined chamber-sized sections and solo instruments
  • Experimental and extraordinary articulations
  • Looped sustained textures
  • Pendulum Swells & Rhythmic Patterns
  • Women and men vocal ensemble
  • Celeste, Harp, and Mandolin
  • Recorded at Teldex Scoring Stage


  • Based on Capsule for Kontakt
  • 100 GB of samples (53 GB NCW compressed)
  • 24Bit / 48KHz Patches
  • Works with the free Kontakt Player and Kontakt full 5.8.1 or higher

Availability and Price

TIME Micro is now available for pre-order: 199€ + VAT instead of 349€ + VAT.

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