Colorful and Chic MicroLab by Arturia

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 30 May 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

MicroLab Released

Arturia released a new controller keyboard that excites both new users and experienced professionals alike. MicroLab is a small-scale MIDI keyboard with smart design features that you can take anywhere.

MicroLab by Arturia

MicroLab Keybed & Keyboard

MicroLab features the same professional slim keys as their industry standard KeyStep controller. The keybeds found on budget controllers are often not very inspiring, but the 25 expressive, velocity-sensitive keys on MicroLab are simply a joy to play. The hold button gives you instant sustain, and by holding the shift key, you can access the “Chord” mode, letting you program in a chord and replay with just one finger.

MicroLab by Arturia color

Microlab Design Plus

Arturia designed this controller to work with you, and not get in the way. Because the cable is recessed, you can push it right up against other gear in your studio without cables getting in the way. It’s the width of the average plane and train tray table, and the shell stops it from sliding around. The keys are also recessed slightly into the body, nothing sticks out, so there’s nothing to catch when you slip it into your backpack.

microlab image
MicroLab by Arturia

MicroLab Key Features

The rubberized shell protects MicroLab from and bumps and scrapes when you’re on the move, and also features a recess that perfectly fits the USB cable, letting you store or pack it easily. MicroLab also includes capacitive mod and pitch controls that work in the same way that touchscreens do, these also let you swipe through and select presets with a tap. You can also quickly switch MIDI channels via the dedicated knob and numbered keys.

  • 25 “Slim Key” velocity-sensitive keyboard 
  • Octave, hold, and MIDI channel select buttons 
  • Capacitive mod and pitch bend strips 
  • Protective rubberized shell 
  • 3 color options 
  • Integrated USB cable storage 
  • Includes 3 great software titles: AnalogLab Lite, UVI Grand Piano Model D, Bitwig Studio 8-Track 

Pricing and Availability

MicroLab is available everywhere at the retail price: 79€/$

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