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Sundog 3.5

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Sundog 3.5 by FeelYourSound

With Sundog it is possible to develop new chord progressions, melodies, basslines, and arpeggios within minutes. The standalone composition software connects to any DAW via MIDI. Release 3.5 is a free update for existing customers.

Sundog is designed to work with all major DAWs. All note output happens via MIDI. As long as you set up a virtual MIDI cable between Sundog and your DAW you are ready to go.

But even without a virtual MIDI cable, you can create new songs and phrases, as Sundog contains an own factory soundset with over 100 instruments. And it can export MIDI files directly to other programs.

New in Sundog 3.5.0:

  • New “Clipboard” menu: “Save to clipboard”, “Paste from clipboard”. Works with Own Chords collections, patterns, and chord progressions.
  • “File -> Import FYS package”: Load packages with Own Chords collections, patterns, and chord progressions.
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