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Bitfight 83 | Cascading Bit Reconfigurator by Puremagnetik




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Bitfight 83

Sparked by 1980s video games, bit-smashing effects and the Commodore 64, Bitfight 83 is part deformity machine, part lo-fi chip emulator. Bitfight 83 is more than a bit crusher! The effect plugin is programmed with two cascading distortion series with separate intonation. This produces strange, irregular artifacts as the two chains interact, including alias harmonization, phase effects, and other oddities.

Puremagnetik Bitfight 83

Vintage Artifacts

Fans of the Commodore 64, Atari, Sid Station and other vintage 8-bit technology will enjoy having Bitfight 83 in their arsenal of effects. It has a sound all it’s own and can make anything sound like it’s straight out of a 1980s game console.

Bitfight 83 isn’t limited to typical bit crushing sounds. You can apply subtle distortion, using the sample rate foldover for some brick wall distortion effects. Add reverb, delay etc and you can take your Bitfight sound to other dimensions! 

Bitfight 83 Features

  • Two parallel, bit reduction processors
  • Sample rate foldover function
  • Fixed width dual-modulation chains
  • Amplitude modulation (tremolo) controls
  • Collection of factory presets


Bitfight 83 is available exclusively for Spark subscribers. You will get it immediately when you sign up for Spark along with new plugins every month. 

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