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SLOPE/EDGE & MM-DIVIDER for AE Modular launching in September 2019




AE Modular

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SLOPE/EDGE & MM-DIVIDER on track for September Release

Robert the founder of Tangible Waves the company behind the flourishing AE Modular modular system announced for September new modules. As soon the modules are available you can purchase them directly at the AE Modular store.

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SLOPE/EDGE Module – launching Sep 2019

  • SLOPE/EDGE – this is a combination of slew limiter and detection of rising/falling edges of CV’s

MM-DIVIDER Module – launching Sep 2019

  • MM-DIVIDER – a multi-mode clock divider with various different algorithms: Binary, Decimal, Prime numbers, Fibonacci with output shifting and rotation option.

After the release of the TOPOGRAF, DRUMKIT, and KICK (See our coverage AE Modular New Drum Modules) modules the AE Modular range get’s even more valuable and cost-effective modules for you to perform with.

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