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For just $39.99 (Affiliate Link), get the Vintage Piano Bundle (Affiliate Link) from REALSAMPLES featuring 2 unique sounding pianos: Pianoforte and English Spinet II!

Pianoforte features an old Traugott Berndt piano from 1848 and English Spinet II features sounds from an English spinet built by Benjamin Slade in 1705. Both pianos are from REALSAMPLE’s Edition Beurmann series of museum instruments.

English Spinet II – Edition Beurmann

The English Spinet II library features an instrument built by Benjamin Slade in London around 1705. Slade’s spinets were essential to the history of the instrument. He had apprentices such as Thomas Hitchcock (see English Spinet library). The sampled instrument shows the qualities for which Slade is known, offering a very sweet-sounding yet majestic and brilliant tone. Only one spinet and one harpsichord of his instruments has survived.

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Pianoforte – Edition Beurmann

The Pianoforte library offers the unique sound of a historical pianoforte from Traugott Berndt in Breslau in 1848. Built by Johann Karl Traugott Berndt himself, who was appointed courtly instrument maker of the King of Prussia the year before, the historical piano sports a graceful, charming yet smart and slinky sound hidden in a plain-Jane bourgeois Biedermeier style housing.

Both libraries in this bundle come with presets for Native Instruments™’ Kontakt® sampler (full version required)

Availability and Pricing

Originally $219.90, the Vintage Piano Bundle is now available for just $39.99 (Affiliate Link) for a limited time only – you save $180! This is an amazing offer you should not miss! This time-limited sale ends at midnight (EST) on Sunday, September 29th, 2019.

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